5 things to consider before buying lighting Online

Buying Lighting Online? Consider These 5 Things First

Lighting can make your home cosy, iconic, or boring. Needless to say, lighting is a major investment—because it’s not exactly cheap and because it will be a semi-permanent fixture in your home. So, before you buy lighting online, consider these things first.

Consider These 5 Things Before Buying Lighting Online…

Know Who You’re Dealing With

There are heaps of online stores to buy lighting from. The choice alone is dizzying, and you may be tempted to buy from whichever store that offers the lighting that fits your vision for the most affordable price. But this tactic could easily turn into a horror story. Before everything else, research the store first. Look up reviews by other buyers and ensure that the store is legitimate, follows industry standards, and sells high-quality lighting.

Your Vision

Lighting is not something you buy impulsively. You need to carefully consider whether the fixture you’re buying fits your vision for your space. Consider the measurement, material, practicality, as well as colour temperature of the bulb. Don’t settle for a fixture that’s affordable but boring or a fancy fixture that doesn’t suit your interior. Find a store that offers the closest, if not the exact, lighting you want for your home.

Check Shipping And Returns Policies

Checking the store’s shipping and returns policy should probably be at the top of your list. You would not want to have finally picked the perfect lighting only to find that the store does not ship to your postcode. You should also consider if the shipping rates are reasonable. For good measure, double-check their returns policy, too, should there be mishaps in the shipping.

Yours And Their Timeline

There are online stores with products that are made-to-order, and may take some time to ship. Others may require longer shipping time due to their location. You should consider if the store will be able to deliver the fixtures within your timeframe. If you’re renovating and working with a tight schedule, you should definitely check how long the store takes to ship items.

Payment Options

You should consider whether the store offers a convenient payment option for you, and more importantly, that their channels are safe. Another consideration is the flexibility of their payment scheme—does the store offer instalments? This set-up may give open up more options for you since payment will be more manageable.